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Mymic at the Creative Business Cup 2021

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    Laure Gremion
    Co-Founder Mymic

Team Mymic talks about their experiences at this year's digital edition of the Creative Business Cup, the "Olympics for start-ups from the creative industries".

"The Mymic adventure began in April 2020 with the victory of the contest organized by "Les Designers Français.” It continued with the great support of Creative Hub, which offered us personalized coaching and mentorship sessions to help us develop our company. Having qualified for the Swiss finals of the Creative Business Cup, which rewards start-ups with innovative businesses, it is with great joy that we received first place. This victory projected us into the adventure of the Creative Business Cup Global Finals in which we had the chance to represent Switzerland at an international event.

The Creative Business Cup, a challenge, an adventure!

To get us prepared for the Creative Business Cup International Finals, we were invited to the "Creative Business Academy,” in which we had the opportunity to attend various online conferences and classes in eight sessions spread over two weeks. The speakers were both inspiring and challenging, allowing us to sharpen our pitch and Mymic's positioning. Despite the rich content, we regret not having had the chance to experience this adventure face-to-face, due to the Corona situation, which would have otherwise allowed us to interact more with the other teams and thus fully experience the adventure. 

At the same time, Creative Hub offered us personalized pitching coaching with Marco Paniz. After many revisions and adjustments, we proudly represented Switzerland with our project Mymic on Monday, June 28th, 2021, with a 3-minute pitch followed by 6 minutes of Q&A led by a jury composed of company managers and investors. Despite our efforts, Mymic didn't win the International finals. However, it still was an amazing experience for us and the opportunity to interact and grow in a new international network! The adventure continues, and we can't wait to share our next experience with you!


Thank you Creative Hub and the Creative Business Cup!”

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