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    Cyrill Hämisegger & Jan Thüring & Boniface Hengy
    Coachees Creative Business Coaching 20/21, JACOBY moebel

Creative Business Coaching and the take aways.

At first, as always with us, everything was a flash of ideas and a cascade of associations. In an attentive moment, we noticed a competition for creative professionals last year. There was nothing less to gain from it than a large handful of coaching sessions with experts and professionals from various areas of the industry as well as another great opportunity for inner growth.

Since autumn 2020, we have been working with financial analysts on past and future figures, checked our external visual perception and communication channels and forged development strategies. Most importantly, we dedicated ourselves to learning that our customers love our brand identity. But what exactly is our identity? More on that later ...

In order not to just put something arbitrary into advertising, we decided, with the support of our main coach, first and foremost, to be radically honest with ourselves. Who are we? What do we want? What exactly do we want? Why do we want what we want? What are the motivations behind this wanting? Where do we evade? Where do we distract?A process that, if a practice of reflection has been adopted, is extremely nourishing.

In order to make these processes visible and tangible for our customers, we decided on a medium that is about exactly that. Like no other tools, film and music can convey emotions in such a deep, everlasting way. In the middle third of this creative business coaching, we start a new JACOBY adventure and dedicate our time to film with a director and screenwriter as well as a cameraman and producer.

Like treasure hunters, the two explore uncharted territory and search through our personal treasure trove of stories for narrative images. We dig like gold diggers in our inner life for our sources of inspiration and driving forces and do not hesitate before internal blockages, false-positive narratives or our blind spots. For example, we learn how personal, inner restlessness is the inspiration for the Spartan design. Or how we, cooks alike, create a dish in our heads whose taste and smell take shape before it's even cooked, just waiting to be tasted.

We explore the pillars of design, craftsmanship and the material of wood like travelers explore a foreign culture and enjoy new and rediscovered things about ourselves. Like this we leaf through the multi-layered JACOBY identity, like in a book, and continue to write page after page of this wonderful story and remain curious about where this journey will lead us.

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