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In cooperation with the Swiss Cultural Challenge, Creative Hub in Basel offered a five-part workshop seminar entitled "Working Model, Finance & Law". The sponsors of the Creative Business Coaching funding program from Creative Hub and the Swiss Cultural Challenge received exciting insights into various aspects of the creative economy and were able to work on their skills as creative entrepreneurs.

The Swiss Cultural Challenge and Creative Hub have the same objective: to make start-ups from the Swiss creative economy sustainably marketable. Therefore, it was clear that the two funding platforms would offer common program modules. In the first collaboration, a five-part workshop program was designed to shed light on the basics of creative entrepreneurship, but it also offered opportunities for networking and mutual exchange.

In the first workshop in January, Christina Loosli, lecturer at FHNW, and the participants refined their respective company or project ideas using the business canvas model. They also worked on their business plans together.

In February, two seminars on the subject of “negotiating and presenting” were given by lawyer and creative hub expert Robert Stutz. Negotiating with customers is part of the daily work of a creative. It is important to create a situation that promotes trust and congruent communication. In the workshop with Robert Stutz, the participants honed their presentation skills and trained their performance skills.

The last workshop seminar in February was all about finance and was led by Alexander Fust from the HSG St. Gallen. Financial plans were drawn up and questions regarding taxes and accounting were clarified. In developing a successful business model, the finances are central.

Creative Hub thanks FHNW and the Swiss Cultural Challenge for their constructive cooperation and exciting input.

The Swiss Cultural Challenge is a funding program for creative artists from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. With the Swiss Cultural Challenge, ideas or concepts from master students and alumni of art, design and music universities can be researched and contextualized in a supportive environment—through mentoring, workshops and networking events. Up to 15 projects are developed each year in the course of the challenge to develop commercially viable concepts. More information:

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