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Creative Business Coaching

What is it about?

It is about innovative business ideas from the Swiss creative economy. The best will receive assistance from us in the form of a year of creative business coaching and networking: In up to 10 tailor-made training sessions we will help successfully launch ideas in the market and build your business.

What will it achieve?

Our coaching will give you targeted support to implement your business idea and make it a success. You will learn how to define a realistic business model and make it market-ready, to establish a company for it, organise it, and much more. Our experienced coaches and experts will show you where the potential and the pitfalls lie. On top of that we will communicate your business and help you network.

Who is it aimed at?

Creative and ambitious professionals and interdisciplinary teams that work inventively and artistically and use their talent to create something outstanding: whether it is as software or game designer, architect, photographer or filmmaker, product, industrial, fashion or media designer, artisan, visual or performing artist, musician or writer. And from any language region in Switzerland.

What counts?

The first thing is the idea: it has to be outstanding. To assess this, we use the following criteria: degree of innovation, relevance, courage, market potential, exportability and sustainability. Ideally, the ideation and conception phases are complete and you are about to build your business. That means that you are ready to invest time, resources and passion. You can apply as individuals and teams. Your place of residence must be in Switzerland.

How do you apply?

First, we need the online application. After that there is an initial preselection, based on the submitted documents. The participants with the most promising business ideas will be invited to give a pitch at a digital event. Here the jury will decide which teams will finally participate.

Eligibility requirements – PDF (in German)

Dates Season 2021

Registration window:30 March - 30 April 2021
Pre-selection:1 May - 5 May 2021
Pitch-Day:12 May 2021
Announcement: 13 May 2021
Start program: End of May 2021
End of the Coaching: December 2021

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