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Atelier de Myri tells stories about the past to affect change in the future

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    Miriam Barth
    Founder Atelier de Myri & Coachee Creative Business Coaching 21

Atelier de Myri was founded in July 2021 by the textile designer Miriam Barth. The aim of the designer is to use products as a means to tell stories about the textile and clothing industry to consumers.

“Many customers want to act sustainably when purchasing, but too often this cannot be done due to a lack of knowledge about the textile industry. I would like to start at this point. It is my mission to provide non-textile workers with easy access to this industry and to create a platform where every person can easily find out more and learn more. By connecting product with story, consumers can learn about textiles and pass the knowledge on to others." 

In the summer, Miriam Barth started a foulard collection with Sabrina Licskai, where each cloth refers to a different textile fiber. So far, the fibers cotton and polyester have been the subjects of the “Fibers” collection. The design of the cloth is inspired by the respective fiber and has an attached QR code that leads to more detailed information. These can be found on the Atelier de Myri website and are made up of a collection of contributions from third parties, which the designers Barth & Licskai recommend for further study. This collection also includes your own contributions as well as collaborative contributions from other creative professionals or people from the textile industry. For example, the illustrator Lea Frei drew a series of pictures about her personal perception of the polyester industry. An interview was conducted with Elisabeth Schenk from Public Eye about the problems of the cotton industry, which can also be found on the website. 

In addition to the foulards, Myri socks have been developed using the Japanese technique Shibori. The starting pistol of Atelier de Myri has been shot; now it is time to expand and grow the product range and its stories. The company is still in the beginning stage, but the vision has been laid out. On October 24th, products from Atelier de Myri will be available for the first time at the Kreativmarkt in Basel. The scarves from Barth & Licskai can already be found in Planet MO in Basel, and Myri socks will soon be available at Atelier Volvox in Zurich. From the 4th to the 7th of November Atelier de Myri will be exhibiting at DESIGNGUT along side other young designers.

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