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INIGO bookstand is approaching its launch, and is funded by Innosuisse

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    Inigo Gheyselinck
    Founder INIGO bookstand & Coachee Creative Business Coaching 21

After the insights gained on a road trip to Greece, the project gained new momentum and a fresh setting at the beginning of August:

At Talacker, in the heart of Zurich, I moved into Headsquarter's coworking space, where a lot of space was generously made available in order to prepare for the launch. In exchange with many start-up professionals and VCs, I was able to get to know the project in a new light. It was an incredibly enriching experience, which I was then able to break down and integrate into the planning with Ruben Wegmann as my main coach.


The first series, which was produced exclusively by, with and at external production partners, can now be delivered to the first customers. At the same time, the long-awaited sale begins, with some unconventional sales channels being tested, as well.


The project is now also being funded by Innosuisse. In the initial coaching, I had the opportunity to take the next steps in marketing with an additional coach. As part of the Cultural Entrepreneurship Program, students at ZHAW have chosen the project as a case study to develop the market study. Based on this experience and knowledge and the upcoming coaching of the Creative Hub network, I believe that I am well equipped for the upcoming marketing phase.

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