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Creative Business Cup Switzerland 2018

 —  Press Release

Young creatives entrepreneurs, inventors and investors from all over the world meet for the 8th year at the Creative Business Cup in Denmark to select the most innovative and groundbreaking start-ups. On November 26 – 27, candidates from over 60 countries will compete for the title. The start-up representing Switzerland has already been elected – last week in Zurich.

For the first time, the Swiss qualifying was held in a public setting, organized by the Creative Hub Switzerland. Hosted by Regula Staub, Managing Director of the Creative Hub, six Swiss finalists pitched their business to a jury of six experts. The pitch round was initiated by the opening keynote of Prof. Christoph Weckerle, Director of the Department of Cultural Analysis at the Zurich University of Arts. His appeal: Have the courage to do! 

The first pitch was made by an e-commerce platform that connects consumers to sustainable fashion brands all over the globe and aims to promote sustainability in the world of fashion.

OIU brings coding algorithms into automated knitting. Their website converts word inputs such as names into knitting patterns, creating uniquely individual scarves, covers and baby blankets. 

The storytelling app «Playtrip» makes travel even more exciting by providing users with digital stories on the destination they are visiting. The stories are written by independent travel blogger who can offer their works on the platform.

Another start-up providing for eventful excursions is ALPN: a producer of new recreational outdoor vehicles. Their flagship: U-Sled. A wheel sledge that enables winter tobogganing during summer. Downhill, on any terrain. 

AVAtronics high-tech noise cancelling software detects noise and neutralizes it with the exact counter-soundwaves, essentially creating instant quiet for phone- and video-conferences, at home while watching TV or even on the plane. 

Cargobeiz literally provided a refreshing conclusion to the pitch-round: the young company has developed a mobile bar on two wheels – a bike counterpart to the food truck, so to say. Chilled draft beer was served from their prototype to the audience on site. 

While the jury – seasoned experts from the creative and start-up industry – withdrew for consultation, Roman Svaton, last year's winner, shared his experience at the international final in Denmark and about his start-up JOULIA. Business is going well for and it is to no surprise: his shower drainage module recycles the heat of used shower water and thus reduces the substantial energy consumption of a shower by 42%. 

It took the jury 35 minutes to decide on a winner. AVAtronics and Playtrip were head to head. In the end, the title was awarded to Playtrip because of their business model, which connects users and providers in a mutually beneficial way. Founder Matteo Scarpellini and his team were thrilled about the opportunity to present their travel storytelling app on the international stage in Denmark. 

During the concluding cocktail-time, participants as well as jury and audience members engaged in vivid exchanges, proving once more that creative entrepreneurship thrives

under mutual inspiration. The organizers Regula Staub and Jakob Blumer were happy with the event and thanked the sponsors Engagement Migros, Location Promotion Zurich and SwissDesignTransfer: "It was the first time the event was open to the public. For Creative Hub, this was only possible with our sponsor’s help. The reactions to the event were very positive. We are looking forward to next year." So are we.


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