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Varia Instruments in the final sprint

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    Simon Schär & Marcel Schneider
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Even if the world seemed to have stood still for the past few months, it was as busy as an anthill in the workshop of Varia Instruments.

Thanks to the large workshop, the minimum distance could be kept, and the work could be continued. The team used the time without DJ gigs and pre-produced properly in order to put all resources into the development of the new project. In a first step, this meant designing the necessary housing parts and designing the electronics. The latter took several months because the entire circuit design was rethought. A modular system is now available with separate modules that allow a relatively simple adaptation to other products.

The next step was and is to create a marketing campaign, because we want to reach as many people as possible with our new product and not with clumsy, paid Facebook posts or purchased testimonials. Everything is slowly coming together, and we have already had our first insights into the development department of Varia Instruments.

Progress is visible and the result of all this tinkering will enter the market this year.

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