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    Nicolas Liem
    Founder Timeline & Junior Coachee Creative Hub

With the "Junior Coaching", the Creative Hub supports projects at an early stage of development that show a lot of potential. In this coaching, they receive monthly support from an expert from the Creative Hub network and are included in the Creative Hub's promotion activities. For example, Nicolas Liem, who tells us more about his project Timeline here:

"Giving new meaning to old traditions fascinates me. My vision is to present time more tangibly. And I can’t shake this vision. With a lot of enthusiasm, the individual parts grow more and more together to form an object that aims to generate self-sufficient energy immediately by means of interaction. For me, the development is never just about the functioning object. It’s also about sensitizing the user or observer to a generation of sustainable energy. Timeline thus makes its own contribution to sustainability. This vision has become a mission. The Ikea Foundation Switzerland is supporting me with a work grant. This start enables me to continue researching both function and design. Now it is a matter of building and expanding strategies. I’m very happy to receive coaching from Creative Hub and am looking forward to the future.

I would like to share my enthusiasm and invite you to follow the developmental process of Timeline on my Instagram account liemnicolas or you can just come to my studio in Littau, Lucerne in person."

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