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The iPhone case with integrated reading glasses: Read on is on the market!

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After months of development and hours of fine-tuning, the time has come: Read on, supported by Creative Business Coaching, brings us its ultra-flat reading glasses integrated into iPhone cases. Here are the details of this worldwide news:

Read on has developed a case with integrated reading glasses for the latest iPhones. The iPhone, its case and Read on glasses form a single unit. The unisex reading glasses are optionally available in four diopter strengths. The case, which made of robust TPU material, is equipped with special cushioning corner protection, a soft touch surface and a 4mm thin glasses compartment. This reinvents the completely flat foldable reading glasses and protects both the cell phone and the glasses.

The frame is made of TR90. The high-tech Swiss material is proven to be hypoallergenic, durable, break-resistant and super light. With the corrugation on the inside of the long temples, the glasses rest securely on the nose in any position. The smoothed correction lens is protected from scratches by the slightly protruding frame when it is pushed in and out. 

Read on is run by two designers: Sandra Kaufmann and Monika Fink. With their Zurich eyewear label Sol Sol Ito Switzerland, the duo successfully established themselves on the international eyewear market in 2012. With Read On, they have taken on new challenges. "The fact that we won the Pro Helvetia Matching Grant 2019 and the Creative Hub Coaching 2019 and were also included in the InnoSuisse Startup Program 2020 reinforced our concept." says Monika Fink. 

The final product is now available; “We wanted a timeless, sophisticated design for glasses and cases to match the iPhone. Everyone always has their cell phone with them, and with ‘Read on’, they now also have cool reading glasses."

 We congratulate them on the market launch and wish them every success!

 Read on will be available online from Digitec / Galaxus and via the website from September.


Photo: Nina-Maria Glahé

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