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read on at the Swissnex San Francisco bootcamp

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  • Team Read On
    Sandra Kaufmann & Monika Fink
    Team Read on

Back from our Innosuisse Camp on the topic of internationalization, we feel how the verve and motivation of the California startup scene captures and drives our Read on project

For two weeks, together with six other selected startups, we virtually visited Swissnex San Francisco, a Swiss network for building worldwide relationships in the areas of education, research and innovation. Lectures on patent rights, trademark rights, immigration and the advancement of women in the start-up scene were given daily in 3-minute pitch exercises. Feedback from Ted Talk coach Nathan Gold and one-to-one investor talks with tailored tips were also provided. Everything was timed quickly, super intense and full of momentum. 

The American open-mindedness and desire for something new has brought us a handful of contacts to networks and investors, initial feedback from our target group (40+ with iPhone and reading glasses) and many creative ideas for the next steps. We also have the opportunity to continue working on Read On at Swissnex for a month after lockdown and to meet people in real life. Read on! 


Photo by Nina-Maria Glahé

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