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We congratulate KUORI and Earlybird Skis on being nominated for the Design Prize Switzerland Edition 21

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In this year's edition of the Design Prize Switzerland, a total of 36 projects in 9 categories have been nominated. Creative Hub Alumnus Earlybird Skis CHICKADEE has been nominated in the category “Going Circular Economy” and KUORI, coachee in the current promotional series of Creative Business Coaching, has been nominated in the category “Young Professionals”.

The Design Prize Switzerland is aimed at Swiss designers, companies, institutions and producers. Outstanding products, projects, services and concepts from all economically relevant design disciplines are honored.

We are pleased to report that two projects from the Creative Hub network have been nominated for the Design Prize this year.

The founder of Earlybird Skis, Hanno Schwab, was part of the Creative Hub Coaching funding program when it was founded in 2014. The label has developed a recyclable ski that meets the highest athletic and ecological standards. The company's touring and freeride skis are made of bio-based and recycled materials that are bonded with a new, removable epoxy resin: the core and sidewalls of the skis are made of FSC-certified European wood, the edges are made of recycled steel and the sliding surface is made of recycled polyethylene (UHMW-PE / ptex).

KUORI is nominated in the “Young Professionals” category. Founder Sarah Kim Harbarth and her team have been in creative business coaching since June 2021 and are supported by the technical and industry-specific experts of Creative Hub. KUORI is investigating whether banana peels are suitable as a starting material for the development of a bio-based plastic and which products could be made from it. A key issue here is the avoidance of microplastics that are released into the environment through abrasion in conventional soles. The nominators commented, "KUORI is a classic material research project that aims to upcycle an organic waste product. The very carefully carried out investigation is persuading due to its clear approach and promising results, which impressively underscore the argument for the banana peel. The fact that this developmental work is now bravely carried on and deepened is a promising sign."

We at Creative Hub wish the nominees every success and are looking forward to the award ceremony on November 5, 2021 in Langenthal.

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