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Creative Hub has shifted its promotion from wide-ranging to the focused promotion of excellence within the creative industries of Switzerland. From today, Monday the 20th of May 2019, Creative Hub is accepting submissions of outstanding business ideas from the creative industry. The most promising ones will be closely followed for one year; individual coaching and consulting hours with experts as well as targeted networking meetings will be offered. The goal is to develop marketable products and services.

Creative Hub has repositioned itself. Since its founding in 2013, Creative Hub has been committed to a wide range of promotion within Swiss creative industries, but in order to align with developments and shifts within the industry, it will now focus on the promotion of excellence. With appreciation for the ongoing professionalization of their cross-sectional function throughout the whole economy, Creative Hub has adapted: selective, outstanding business ideas will be promoted. The aim is to bring relatively raw business ideas to the maturity stage, to trade with the support of coaches and experts, and to network with relevant economic players. Creative Hub and its reorientation are made possible by Engagement Migros and other supporting partners.

The Degree of Innovation, Relevance, Boldness, Market Potential and Exportability

This call for submissions to is open until midnight on June 28, 2019 and is aimed at entrepreneurs from the creative industry in Switzerland with an outstanding business idea. "Outstanding," says Regula Staub, CEO of Creative Hub, "is measured by innovativeness, relevance, boldness, market potential and exportability." The applications submitted by June 28th will be reviewed and evaluated, and on July 12th, a jury of experts will select up to eight entrepreneurial teams whose business ideas are most in line with that criteria. These teams are to be supported by coaches and experts over the course of one year, during which they will also network with relevant business players so that marketable products and services are available by the end of the program.

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