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Streax launches new game: The Pollen-Blocker Competition

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  • Flurin Jenal
    Flurin Jenal
    Coachee Creative Business Coaching 19/20, Founder Streax

Game on! The Pollen-Blocker competitions have started: Join between March 19th and April 18th, 2021 when the renowned Pollen-Blocker champion is going to rise in the grand final on April 18th. Total prize pool: CHF 50'000.

In collaboration with Similasan AG, a swiss pioneer in homeopathy, the Pollen-Blocker gaming competitions run from March 19th until April 18th, 2021. Their product - a Pollen-Blocker bubble gum - will be promoted as an irresistible product towards the young generation using a game. Thanks to our uncompromising mobile-first approach, we'll reach mass audiences on their smartphones in a Swiss-wide advertisement campaign. Who will become Pollen-Blocker champion 2021?

Download now and conquer the trophies. Only the best players win.

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