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RUND UM - a deck of cards on a (supposedly) taboo topic

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In the current season of Creative Business Coaching, Creative Hub is supporting a number of projects that are still in an early stage of development—at the Call for Submissions—but show a lot of potential with the help of "Junior Coaching.” In this, they are coached monthly by an expert from the Creative Hub network and included in Creative Hub's funding activities. Selina Fässler is one of the participants in Junior Coaching with her project RUND UM.

RUND UM is a series of card decks that convey complex health knowledge in a fun and competent way. The first three decks are devoted to the last phase of life from living wills to actual death; they provide information or show specific options for action. In a handy card format, illustrated questions are explained piece by piece, directly and clearly. RUND UM offers a playful alternative to long documents or information-heavy, technical discussions. Each deck takes up frequently asked questions and promotes open, sensitive communication through easy-to-understand illustrations.

Behind the project is the young designer Selina Fässler, who develops and implements the card decks with specialists. The contents of the three decks were developed during her studies in Trends & Identity at the Zurich University of the Arts. Selina is continuing her project with the help of the Creative Hub coaches.


What is Selina's motivation behind the decks of cards? “With advances in medicine and the megatrend of health, people are getting older and older. In doing so, death is not only prevented but postponed. It is in line with our zeitgeist that we push death into the farthest corner of our consciousness. If we are then confronted with the issue as victims or relatives, we hardly know how to deal with it. Many questions arise, which are often very difficult to deal with for everyone involved. RUND UM should help,” says Fässler.

Each deck contains around 30 cards and comes in an elegant box. Complex health issues are broken down into text and images. With pictures, pleasant colors and a little humor, the cards convey knowledge and allow for various possibilities. The question-answer principle directly addresses the difficult situation and the accompanying problems.

The first decks of cards are now in print and will be available soon.

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