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Mission RDM40: Varia Instruments produces quality audio on a bigger scale!

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The RDM20 DJ mixer from Varia Instruments is getting a big brother: On October 15th, the Club Mixer RDM40 will be launched. Simon Schär and Marcel Schneider from Varia Instruments (supported by Creative Business Coaching) now have a new—and even bigger—mixer on offer.

And the new device has it all: The RDM40 has twice as many channels as its little brother— four, to be exact—and is therefore well suited for clubs, as well. Made with a lot of love and handcrafted in Switzerland, the RDM40 not only impresses with its sound but also with its design, functionality and robustness.

The pre-sale started in August. To promote the mixer and get feedback from the audio community, Simon and Marcel traveled throughout Germany with the RDM40 at the beginning of September. They stopped in Offenbach, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich to present the new mixer. The feedback was consistently positive: audio enthusiasts as well as design nerds are thrilled! 

Nevertheless, launching a new product in the middle of the Corona crisis is a risk, isn’t it? Simon says, “Sure, the club scene is having a difficult time at the moment. But we look ahead and accelerate at full throttle. And the first orders have already come in, and that makes us feel quite positive.”

Indeed, pre-sales have already taken off; 15 of the limited 30 pre-sales are already sold out. In October, the first mixers will be delivered and sent all over the world to ensure good sound there, as well!

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