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Streax at Devcom 2020

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  • Flurin Jenal
    Flurin Jenal
    Coachee Creative Business Coaching 19/20, Founder Streax

Devcom 2020 took place from August 17th to 30th. It is directly linked to Gamescom, the largest gaming event in the world. This year, the entire Gamescom was completely digital due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Gamescom attracts crowds of gamers and fans while Devcom focuses on the business part of the platform.

Due to positive experiences with B2B at Gamescom in recent years, the decision was made to be there again this year - digitally.

The heart of Devcom is a matchmaking platform. During preparation, we were able to select the contacts we wanted fto meet with from a total of 2000 participants and convert the top 20 into a meeting. The meetings were held through 30-minute video calls on the virtual platform known as Pine. We were able to speak to people from the gaming industry from all over the world right from our living rooms and without the train ride to Cologne, overcrowded halls, queues and idle times between meetings. While the processes on Pine ran smoothly over the entire 2-week period of the conference, we used the unoccupied slots between the meetings for follow-ups, sending out new meeting requests or simply continuing to work on the product. The virtual format proved to be advantageous.

On one hand, we have stretched out our feelers in the market again so as not to miss any important, overarching trend. On the other hand, we have also focused on meetings with digital agencies and outsourced companies from other continents with whose networks and additional development capacities make us even better equipped for future projects. Mobile eSports in general seem to be an emerging phenomenon. In some conversations in meetings we realized again that many of today's mobile eSport publishers only "push" the PC or console versions of the corresponding games on smartphones, which leads to complex control sets on relatively small screens, i.e. little new stuff is still going on regarding “mobile-first” eSports designs. We see the new approach as a great opportunity for Streax.


"Mobile-first" eSports games to play with:
"Mobile-first" eSports games for marketing:

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