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Crossing Border – CBC Sweden

In March, the Creative Hub selected the winner of the Swiss preliminary round of the Creative Business Cup - the mask start-up Mymic. The other Creative Business Cup partners in all countries of the world are also looking for their national champion these days. On May 19, for example, Sweden: The event - organized by xPlot - trumps with an exciting program and will be streamed digitally: 

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RUND UM - a deck of cards on a (supposedly) taboo topic

In the current season of Creative Business Coaching, Creative Hub is supporting a number of projects that are still in an early stage of development—at the Call for Submissions—but show a lot of potential with the help of "Junior Coaching.” In this, they are coached monthly by an expert from the Creative Hub network and included in Creative Hub's funding activities. Selina Fässler is one of the participants in Junior Coaching with her project RUND UM.

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Sustainable Pricing for your Creative Business

As we grow our creative businesses, we are mindful of our vision and values. These values might include social impact, diversity and sustainability. Other aspects might also feature, depending on your own particular focus. In any case, if our creative enterprises are to continue doing great work over the long term, they also need to be financially sustainable.
That means we need to combine our vision, values and objectives on the one hand, with a financially robust business model on the other. The right decisions about pricing are crucial if our creative enterprises are to survive and thrive financially, so we can continue to do great work.

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