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Martina Feer

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Martina Feer doesn’t just make fashion, she communicates it, and she combines it with a very special consciousness: “Away from the consumption of clothing towards more genuine ownership.” Martina’s business offering comprises three pillars: Collections with “clothing favourites” for daily use. Service offers involving sewing. And finally, a special workshop series in which discarded clothing is revitalised.

The workshops, in particular, turned out to be very popular. Here, men and women can breathe new life into their discarded clothing again – right in line with resource conservation and sustainability. And it is popular, too. Not lastly because the workshops aren’t just some old-fashioned handicraft courses, but really youthful, creative events, instead.

The label conveys a very special fashion-consciousness: “Away from the consumption of clothing towards more genuine ownership.”

But word-of-mouth alone is not enough. That is why the trained fashion designer invested a lot in marketing, among others on Facebook and Instagram. Beyond that, Martina established contact with the international network “Fashion Revolution”, which supports environmentally and people-friendly fashion – just like she does.

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