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CARPASUS stands for premium shirts from sustainable, fair and – above all – transparent production. The goal of founder René Grünenfelder is to demonstrate to an often unscrupulous industry that things can be done differently. His shirt collections are a shining example of how style-consciousness and a good conscience do not have to be in conflict with one another.

Carpasus demonstrates that style-consciousness and a good conscience do not have to be in conflict with one another.

Today, clothes manufacturing is distributed around the world and enormously resource-intensive. Millions of people around the world work every day to manufacture, design and sell our clothing, or to cultivate the raw materials for it. Natural fibres such as cotton and their processing into fabrics require large amounts of water, fertilisers and chemicals. And the cultivation of cotton and the production of the fabrics still require large amounts of manpower.

Carpasus founder René Grünenfelder wants to show that there are alternatives to the often inhuman and intransparent work conditions and environmentally harmful practices in the clothing industry. He also wants to raise awareness again for the origins, history and quality of the clothing which we wear daily next to our skin.

Carpasus uses natural, environmentally-friendly and organically cultivated materials, which are further processed in Europe. The company prioritises long-term collaboration with its partners, which adhere to social standards for their employees and pay them fairly. Carpasus products are long-lasting in quality and timeless in design. A transparent chain of production means that customers know where and by whom their shirts are manufactured. 

As such, collections from Carpasus contribute to an economic system which respects people and the environment and provides the same opportunities that we experience today to subsequent generations.

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