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Creative Business Cup 2019 Switzerland: Worms are winning!

Creative Business Cup Gewinner WormUp web
 —  Press Release has won the Swiss Preliminary Competition of the International Creative Business Cup 2019 and qualifies for the final round in Copenhagen in July.

The WormUp team is to compete in the Swiss Preliminary Competition against five finalists (and around 20 other competitors) and represent Switzerland at the global finals of the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen on the 1st and 2nd of July 2019. "We were convinced because the product is simple and efficient," said Regula Staub, managing director of Creative Hub, explaining the jury's decision. "Appreciation and approval from outside the company are important to us entrepreneurs, especially in the face of a dry spell," smiles Erich Fässler, co-founder of "And," Fässler continues, "the Creative Business Cup gives us added visibility to our customers and investors, which is very important to us startups."

Olympics in the Creative Industry

The Creative Business Cup will be held for the ninth time this year. It is considered a creative industry Olympiad and a global initiative that not only highlights creative startups but also connects them with each other, investors, and the press. In Switzerland, the event is organized by Creative Hub, which for its part promotes the Swiss creative industry with expertise, networking, and visibility. The winning team is invited to travel to Copenhagen in July, to compete with numerous startups from around the world. The winning team will be rewarded with around €7,000 as a bonus, promotion of the business concept, and the opportunity to internationalize itself.

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