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The “Fibers” collection by Atelier de Myri

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    Miriam Barth
    Founder Atelier de Myri & Coachee Creative Business Coaching 21

Cotton is one of the most widely used and popular fibers in the textile industry. As a consumer it is obvious to assume that the natural fiber is a good and sustainable fiber. Unfortunately, natural fiber does not necessarily mean sustainable fiber. Cotton, in particular, is one of the raw materials that already causes serious damage in its cultivation. In a nutshell, cotton is largely responsible for a lot of suffering and disease.

With the foulards from the “Fibers” collection, Atelier de Myri wants to bring various textile fibers closer to consumers. A person who works in the textile trade knows that every fiber has its advantages and disadvantages and that there is no such thing as “the most sustainable fiber”. It's about diversity and meaningful commitment. The textile industry is huge, and as a layperson it is not easy to get an overview on sustainability. Between market strategies, greenwashing, certificates, production origin and more, it should be revealed whether the textile in its processed form was sustainably produced or not. In order to make a conscious decision, aids or criteria are needed so that consumers can get oriented. For Atelier de Myri, one goal is to offer this kind of orientation as well as possible. During the coaching session in the last six months with Creative Hub, a page has been created on the fibers of cotton and polyester where publications can be collected for more in-depth information. In addition, the first original publications were published, such as the podcast with Elisabeth Schenk from Public Eye. For Atelier de Myri, the aim is to expand the existing pages and to add new fibers. Another mission is to work out criteria that would support consumers in conscious and appreciative shopping within the textile industry.

Atelier de Myri develops products that tell stories about the textile industry. These stories are not about showing how sustainable a product is. The aim is to pass on knowledge about sustainability with my product.

During the Christmas season Atelier de Myri can be found for the first time with their own Pop Up in the Markthalle Basel. We are happy about every person who comes to visit us.

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