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Looking for a last-minute Christmas present?

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    Stephanie Ospelt & Tobias Zimmermann
    Coachees Creative Business Coaching 20/21, Founders PETITPEU

Team PETITPEU, coachee in the new season of Creative Business Coaching, delivers small gifts suitable for every occasion. And PETITPEU is also an online platform for Swiss creative work. Stephanie and Tobias talk about their start-up:

We, PETITPEU, we’re Tobias and Stephanie. We only met in January 2020, but the idea behind PETITPEU simply had to be implemented. With PETITPEU we want to close a gap, namely the one between postcards (often too few) and a bouquet of flowers (not always suitable, or do you want to give your brother a bouquet of flowers on Father's Day?) So for situations in which you want to show a loved one that you have thought of them or want to thank your employees for their commitment over the past year, we have the right gift.

Tobias mainly works behind the scenes: he programmed the website and the webshop and takes care of all the personalized cards and the packaging of the PETITPEUs in the print shop. Stephanie's area is above all communication: with our partners, producers, and externally on all platforms. At the moment, we're still in the Christmas and year-end spurt.

If you are still looking for a little Christmas or New Year’s greeting for your loved ones, your capable employees, or loyal customers, then you still have until Monday evening to put your PETITPEU together with us. After that, we take a little break.

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