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How to democratize eSports

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  • Flurin Jenal
    Flurin Jenal
    Coachee Creative Business Coaching 19/20, Founder Streax

Today’s market numbers of eSports are tempting (*). Still, eSports is mostly dominated by hardcore games having their roots on PC. However, neither the PC as a medium, nor the high complexity of games like League of Legends, Starcraft or Overwatch, are by definition required to entitling a game as „eSport“ or to entitling organizers to host „eSports“ events. The „thrill“ of eSports is the thrill of competition, regardless of the device that it plays on.

Capturing everyones’ competitive nature

It felt like a big relieve when we recognized that it’s possible to build a world-leading eSports company without the need of having the most complex PC games, raise millions of dollars for prize pools and compete with Dota 2, Rocket League or ESL. Following up on a definition of „democratization“, with Streax we quickly tapped into the unexploited commercial potential of building a hyper-casual eSports platform with fully crowd-powered prize pools.

On August 30th 2019 we hosted the first tournament on Streax. 10 people signed up. Meanwhile, one of our puzzle games caught fire in Indonesia and gamers worldwide are joining organically to play tournaments every day. As of December 31st 2019 we count 442 participators who played 6046 runs in 19 tournaments. The average participant plays each tournament 15 times to make sure to rule the leaderboard.

During November 22. - 24. 2019 we ran a tournament at the HeroFest conference in Bern. The Swiss Streamer „ROQA“ was the official host of the event. While ROQA engaged his own fans to join the competition, Streax fuelled additional promotion for his Twitter channel.

Next steps

Imagine this one skilled gaming enthusiast - on the other side of the globe - who’d sponsor a USD 1 dollar gaming tournament, attracts his YouTube followers to the event and earns a revenue split as big as it allows him to sponsor a USD 100 tournament next time. There’s an opportunity for him to build a business and having the coolest marketing tool for his personal brand at the same time.

Currently we are evaluation the best business model to achieve the platform dynamics that empowers anyone the be the eSports players and hosts. Everything they require is a smartphone.

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